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FOG System.
The effective biological solution
for sinks, drainlines and grease traps.

Our Mission.

We solve waste water problems
without creating new problems.
Simple, effective and reliable.

We support hospitality companies, hotels and
restaurants on their successful path to an
environmentally friendly and sustainable future.

Effective by Nature.

The simple approach
Proofed by evolution:
Use the capabilities of natural microorganisms to effectively solve a biological problem.

Reliabiltiy at work
Select and combine microorganisms that work together like a work bench to achieve optimal bioaugmentation. Allow the microorganisms to unfold their unparalleled capacities.

Sustainable benefits
Working with the principles of nature always leads to positive results:

High level of bioaugmentation of fat, oil and grease
No unpleasant odour
Low energy input
Less total cost for management and disposal
Excellent quality of waste water
Preserving the environment


No odour and no blockages.
As a result of this drains and pipes remain clean.
Eliminating the need for cleaning.


Grease trap
A constant oxygen supply in the grease trap improves fat separation (flotation principle).
Oxygen enrichment of the depleted water and therefore improved water quality (BOD and COD values).
No unpleasant smell.
Fat, oil and residues are effectively broken down.
After 6 weeks, roughly 90% of the organic material that get into the grease trap are broken down.
Cleaning reduces to up to once a year or as needed.




Please download our brochure for detailed information:

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